Sponsored post: Justin O’Shea – This is #MyLondon

In Other by Nick Russell


Being brought up in an aboriginal community in Australia, the bright lights and buzzing vibrant communities of London was always something Justin O Shea aspired to. He’s currently the worldwide buying director of the online luxury fashion store www.mytheresa.com

“London was always the pinnacle of where I wanted to go. It gave me a personality, a direction, a future. London freed me to do the things I wanted to do.” 


In this, Gin brand Beefeater’s latest video series, various people are seen discussing why they love Great Britain’s capital city and what they find so great about it! From it’s status as a fashion hub thanks to likes of  Shoreditch and Mayfair, to getting shoes shined in Burlington Arcade, the videos illustrate what makes London one of the greatest cities in the world.


Needless to say Justin’s perspective of London is purely down to his passion, and creative drive for the fashion industry, specifically the ‘haute couture’ fashion industry. For many rappers and producers, London is held in the highest regard when it comes to networking, performing, recording and getting your name out! 

The connection with this video and Beefeater Gin (in case you were wondering!) is to celebrate the brand which was founded in 1820, it is the only remaining major premium gin still distilled in London. 

For more info on this campaign celebrating everything great about the home city of Beefeater, check out http://www.beefeaterginmylondon.com. When you arrive on the site, you’ll be given the opportunity upload a fresh photo you’ve taken of what #MyLondon means to you!

If you’re selected to win there are Beefeater prizes up for grabs and if reeeealy good, you will have the chance to get that photo you uploaded as one of 1000 images on the new limited-edition bottle of Beefeater!.

Article sponsored by Beefeater Gin