Sponsored Article: ‘The Airfood Project’

In Other by Nick Russell

Here’s a slightly different piece of content for you – on a humanitarian tip with some video content based around ‘The Airfood project’. It’s a solidarity action supporting the pursuit of the European food aid, a European emergency aid scheme, which due to one reason or another is currently under threat. This would endanger the survival of millions of recipients.

Help defend the European food aid by taking part in the Airfood Project and you can help raise awareness among the public and decision makers! Bet you’re wondering how this works right? You know how to play Air Guitar – pretending to play the guitar like a rock star, but without a guitar? Well, the Airfood Project is just about the same thing. It’s a dinner where all you eat is… air, because this is what may happen to many Europeans if they lose this vital food aid.

More than 18 million European residents have been helped out by the European food aid over the past 25 years – thanks to the distribution, not of money, but of intervention stocks of agricultural products, via NGOs. It helps feed the neediest, fight wastage of food and offer its recipients an essential time of moral support and solidarity. In short, the European food aid is a cost-effective, down-to-earth and efficient humanitarian project… Let’s protect it! This is why we need you, your energy and your commitment!

How to join in?

  1. Film yourself while performing an Airfood session… and share the video!
  2. Sign the petition and get your friends to sign too
  3. Reach out to European decision makers on twitter
  4. Spread the word! 

More info here: http://www.theairfoodproject.com/Home/Welcome

This article was sponsored by The Air Food project.