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Some more awesome female street artists!


Maya Hayuk

Hayuk is a Brooklyn-based artist know for her psychedelic and geometric visions. She uses to put Ukranian craft within their works, which make them unique and beautiful!

“As a small child, my grandmothers would teach me crafts like embroidery, batik egg dying and reciting poetry,” the artist explained. “This was probably the first and most impactful influence in my life. I learned not only to have a very steady hand and determination, but they taught me about the richness of the meaning of all of these geometric symbols.”







 Miss Van

 Miss Van is a Barcelona-based artist that loves to create works based on Baroque-era ladies in pearls and furs and wearing a mask. This makes these women fatal : “Men are naturally attracted and women identify themselves,” she once said!












 Faith47 is a South African artist that really focus on texture on her works to bring some spirituality to her works.I think this make it more realistic and more beautiful even if it black and white!












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