Some free (and legal) new underground material from States

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New Mixtape from Kam Moye, whos also known as Supastition, a real talented lyricist; one of the many forgotten about rappers out there due to his lack of commercial appeal, but at the same time this guy has talent so check him out if you wanna see what real hip hop sounds like in 2008. Click on the image to download the album or peep the myspace

Moving on… There was a very controversial track circulating around the web a couple of years ago by a cat named NY Oil called y’all should all get lynched, speaking about how the civil rights activists and black leaders would be ashamed of how some of the modern rappers are glamorizing the wrong values. Perhaps it was where Skepta got the inspiration for his track Blood, sweat and tears. Anyway, released recently by NY Oil is a video on how BET actually produced the new video, despite wanting to ban it(!) Make of it what you like and check the new animated video: