replete f16 jet

Some Anamorphic street art works

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Some Anamorphic street art works

Anamorphic works are for me the most mind-blowing street art works out there. We have already introduced you to some of these works with a post on Odeith a Portuguese maestro in the kind of works. Now I would like to present you works from Replete and the TSF Crew.

Replete is a Leeds based artist that has developed some amazing skills when it comes to anamorphic street art. Over the 20 years of experience he has acquired by working with the video game and music industries (Ninja Tune Label). He now provides us with some mind-blowing street art perspectives. He literally invented a new process to give his works more altitude by painting some works on clingfilm like this F-15 jet fighter (below) made in an origami of dollar bills.

replete f16 jet

replete mural

replete street art

replete skeleton


The TSF Crew are French street artists with different skills and abilities who work together to produce amazing creations.

tsf crew france

tsf graffiti

tsf crew tree

broken tree TSF