Sneakbo drops his highly anticipated new mixtape ‘Jetski Wave 3’

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Sneakbo – one of the most recognisable names in the UK rap hits back again with another anticipated mixtape Jetski Wave 3. 10 years into the game and Sneakbo has produced 2 of the top 40 hits such as 2012’s ‘Zim Zimma’ and ‘Ring a Ling‘ in 2013. He’s continued to expand both his name and status in the UK rap scene ever since.

Jetski Wave 3, a follow up tape to the predecessor ‘Jetski Wave 2’ back in 2019, weaves in and out of street tales to bouncing bops, with absolutely no sign of complacency. At 16 tracks deep it’s clear that the Brixton born rapper has worked hard to up the ante, as it features some of the most recognisable names in UK rap such as Pa Salieu, Backroad Gee, M24, Stickz, Ard Adz and more! 

From Afro beats to Drill, the multi- talented rapper produces music to get up with ‘Practice’, and music to stop and simmer with ‘Changes.’ ‘Practice’ featuring LUCIIA epitomises the highs, whereas tracks like ‘Changes’ represents the lows. ‘Changes’ gives insight into his personal thoughts, struggles and the corruption surrounding him, with a ‘back to basics’ approach and a real, raw and recognisable story told with both chest and conviction.

On the other hand ‘Practice’ proves to be an uplifting, skippy afro-beat song with nothing but summer vibes, reminding us why he “doesn’t need practice” in doing what he does best.

Jetski Wave 3 is not an album of one note, but delivers dips and waves, highs and lows, reflecting the life of real UK rappers with an authentic perspective. With his versatility to play around with new sounds and styles, it’s clear how he managed to conquer the UK music industry, and how to stay at the top as well. 

The distillery of the music video accompanying ‘Changes’ juxtaposes the video with ‘Practice’, which appears brighter and faster in motion. ‘Changes’ dips in and out of issues involving racism, with snippets of poverty and monetary struggle, and a derelict and stripped-down backdrop. The Lyric “money’s on the way but I still see no changes” speaks volumes when we think of how money and fame interferes with one, both mentally and emotionally. 

On the other hand, ‘Practice’ displays a brighter and bouncier visual, whilst still relatively raw and realistic, it is evident that it is a reflection of the glory days that make the whole game worth it. The femininity of LUCIIA, with colour and movement, ‘Practice’ could very well be the anthem in the party scene this summer. 

With such a recognisable name in the industry, Jetski Wave 3 delivers vast amounts of variety from Sneakbo in one mixtape alone. You can stream the mixtape from Spotify, Apple Music and many other platforms here.