Review: Smoke DZA - Ringside 5 EP

Review: Smoke DZA – Ringside 5 EP

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Review: Smoke DZA – Ringside 5 EP

“If you ain’t a wrestling fan this aint for you”. Smoke DZA starts with a bar after bar track like he’s free-sparring before some kind of boxing match.

Then *ding ding*, after a WWE style introduction he’s straight into Triple Threat. A track so diverse and flippant it’s as if Smoke DZA were a wrestler. Flamboyant, egotistical and a desire to be recognised as the best.  The Harlem rapper’s confidence breaks through with his idea that “he inherited the game like the boss’ son”. His confidence the driving force to his bars.

There’s a larger sound to Smoke DZA. It was probably intended but it’s top rope jump music. The Club, is a heavy plethora of baller bars for the pushers and farmers which features Westside Gunn and Conway, the only features on the EP. Certified G is heavily produced short track that shows dexterity to DZA’s flows and a genius Skywalker bars to prove how high he probably is.

All in all this EP is definitely an experience. I have never listened to a Ringside project (this being their 5th) where skits dominate the music. But the use of Wrestlemania clips and over zealous Wrestler speeches really created the idea one is Ringside.

DZA could have used more clinical combinations to take out any opposition to this 5 track EP. I didn’t feel as if I was hit with a steel chair or felt the wrath of a tombstone. The heaviest hitter was by far producer 183rd, his adrenaline -infused hip hop made Ringside what it was. //