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Slim Thug feat. Big K.R.I.T. – Kingz & Bosses (+ info on ‘The World Is Yours’ album)

Slim Thug, The World Is Yours, Artwork

The Houston ‘boss of all bosses’ has come back at us with this laid back new track featuring one of his fellow dons from the South. ‘Kingz & Bosses’ comes amid the announcement of his forthcoming album ‘ The World Is Yours’ which also features Rick Ross, Z-Ro, Paul Wall and more! Speaking about the project, Slim Thug describes how “The World Is Yours is my version of Already Platinum 2. There is no Neptune production, but if you listen you can hear a few songs have that type of vibe to them”

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Tracklist for the album is below and stream the song here.


Tracklisting – Slim Thug’s ‘The World Is Yours’:

  1. ‘TWIY’ (Produced by Mr. Lee)
  2. ‘Trap’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  3. ‘RIP Parking Lot’ f/ Paul Wall (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  4. ‘No Love’ f/ Z-Ro (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  5. ‘Ringing’ f/ Cam Wallace & Sauce Walker (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  6. ‘Kingz & Bosses’ f/ Big K.R.I.T.(Produced By Wolfe)
  7. ‘Boss Talk f/ Rick Ross & Jack Freeman  (Produced By G&B)
  8. ‘Outstanding’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  9. ‘Wide Frame’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  10. ‘Mercedes’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  11. ‘Cali’ f/ Coolbrothajones (Produced By ENG)
  12. ‘Run For It’ f/ 52 Savage (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  13. ‘Still’ f/ Cityyy (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  14. ‘Next Level’ f/ Jack Freeman (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  15. ‘What’s Next’ (Produced By Mr. Lee)
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