Slick Suave & KG Malique talk peace and unity, Zimbabwe and PHD Music!

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Slick Suave & KG Malique talk peace and unity, Zimbabwe and PHD Music!

Essex and London based Slick Suave and KG Malique are the founding members of PHD Music, which stands for Pray Hustle Deliver. Alongside producer and engineer Major Mind, they are set to drop their debut project ‘In No Time (Deixis)’.

They bring a blend of hard hitting lyrical content centred around concepts such as law of attraction, time, fulfilling dreams and more. We spoke to KG and Malique about their inspirations growing up, building their team and why you need to watch out for them in 2015 and beyond!

Your sound is not that typical of most UK rappers at the minute – what did you guys grow up listening to, and what inspires you the most in music?

Slick Suave: I grew up listening to Kanye West, (Zimbabwean legend) Oliver Mtukudzi, Ludacris, R Kelly and Cassidy. Then I started getting deeper into hip hop and developed an ear for Tupac’s music as well Nas and many others. I listen to too many people and draw inspiration from my life, my surroundings and the people around me. Those are the three things that inspire my music.


What aspects of the PHD sound in your opinion make you stand out from the crowd?

Slick Suave: I think the PHD sound is different and makes us stand out because we have two different stories to tell. I’m telling an African’s story linked with my experiences in the UK. The PHD sound represents English and African culture. The PHD sound preaches peace and unity. It preaches peace which is The Duece. I have my own Sound, KG Malique has his own sound, Profound has his own sound, our producer and instrumentalist Major Mind has his own sound. PHD is a clash of different sounds put together for the same cause. I think PHD is a sound that needs to be heard because it represents the people. That is was makes it stand out.


When you wrote and recorded Big Things Only, what message were you aiming to convey about the two of you?

KG Malique: I wrote big things only about a year ago. At that time I was really stressed out, depressed and I was in a generally dark place in life. Major had just started experimenting with sampling and he sent me a skeleton of a hype beat he had just made that didn’t even sound like hip hop at the time. I decided to write a song that was the opposite of how I felt. Something that tells you to seize the day and live life to the limit. It was like writing to myself. Major played around with the beat, Slick added his verse and it sounded hard. I just hope the track has the same effect on listeners that it had on me at the time I wrote it if I’m honest.


PHD’s in house beat maker Major Mind is a solid producer – how did you guys meet?

KG Malique: I met major a year and a half ago through a mutual friend, Edwin, who’s actually now a member of PHD and works on the business side. I really liked his instrumentals and he felt my rapping and we saw potential in each other. We were both asked to play at a charity show so we decided to do it together. During rehearsals we’d just vibe out and we realized we liked the same music and we generally agreed on a lot of things. Soon enough me and Slick asked him if he wanted in, and he did, so we started creating music together. In just a year and a half he’s grown so much as a producer and he’s made some of the dopest shit I’ve heard.

What do you hope to have achieved one year from now?

Slick Suave: I want PHD to be able to express its ideas and make an impact on people’s lives this year and I can feel it coming.

Any final words for the fans, present and future?

Slick Suave: My final word to the fans is thank you for supporting the music. And make sure you check out the freestyle with Link Up TV which is due for release soon. There’s an important message in that freestyle.

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