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Skerrit Bwoy drops debut album ‘Jesus Party Vol.1’.

In Grime, Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Fresh and innovative 11 track album from Antigua born, Bronx, New York based artist Skerrit Bwoy which takes the listener on an electric and exciting journey, infused with Christian roots. Each song is bursting with unique beats, which show a fusion of hip hop, soca, gospel, EDM, trap and dancehall! Skerrit Bwoy’s vibe for the album is straight joy and eccentric energy, which he describes as “party every day and turn up in Jesus’ name”, which you experience instantly. Skerrit Bwoy explained that writing “was the longest process” because all he had ever known was dancing to music, however he really enjoyed the recording process of ‘Jesus Party Vol.1’, getting his songs “outta his head and into reality”. Writing lyrics first, and building a beat around them, the MC tried to focus on “introducing people to fresh hard-hitting music…in an uplifting and fulfilling manner”.

Skerrit Bwoy’s innovative creativity led him to become a producer, artist, DJ and MC, performing on “just about every major festival stage in over 50 countries”, touring as a part of Major Lazer with producers such as Diplo and Switch. No stranger to the entertainment industry, Skerrit Bwoy has been “featured by prominent media outlets such as CNN, Large Up, The Fader and even had a Documentary entitled ‘Temporary Sanity,” by Dan Bruun, which went on to be featured in several film festivals around the world”. Skerrit Bwoy continued producing music, deejaying in nightclubs and festivals throughout New York City, the Caribbean, Asia, and more. Head over to Skerrit Bwoy’s website to stay updated for future live performances. Make sure you check this project if you want to hear an innovative and stand out project that sounds nothing like you have heard before!

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