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Skatta drops long-awaited Cinema Ticket album on French record label

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

It has been a long dress rehearsal, but after four years in the making, Skatta finally dropped his album ‘Cinema Ticket’ on December 3rd 2021. Teaming up with French record label Broc Recordz, the album offers features from Brooklyn rapper Oddisee, London emcees Clipson and Klashnekoff (who appears on the Bandcamp and Vinyl versions), as well as vocalist Opaline. Cinema Ticket is a coming of age album that showcases Skatta’s story, not only in words and rhyme but as a movie. 

The eight-track LP begins with Skatta waiting for the movie to start, and saying how it’s based on a true story. The Coventry artist fashions a cinematic theme both lyrically and visually – from the album cover to movie based lingo.

From the opening moment, we hear an abundance of stylistic approaches. From boom bap hip-hop beats on Record Box to soulful, orchestral undertones with Blockbuster and Follow The Sun, topped off with greezy beats with Fade Out In The Dark. 

As we watch the story unfold, it is clear that Cinema Ticket is the emcee’s way of showcasing his newly found confidence and versatility. Cinema Ticket is an album that proves that Skatta is not a typecast in the world of grime.

The movie based theme suggests that his success may come at a price, with a constant string of judgement and critique from an audience watching from the outside.

Revelling in his success throughout the album, the enlightenment period for Skatta is crystal clear. From track to track, there is a professional level of production courtesy of Dipiz Broc, all complimented by cleared samples from veteran composers Janko Nilovic, Galt Macdermot and The Soul Surfers.

Skatta is nothing short of a versatile artist with a melodic approach who dabbles in many different sounds and subgenres throughout his craft, whilst not forgetting about the original character in his story. 

Cinema Ticket is one to watch this winter. Stream the album below or via your preferred streaming platform here and b, and purchase the digital and vinyl via Bandcamp.