Skatta drops his latest story alongside visuals with ‘Record Box’

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Check out the new visual from Skatta, who’s dropped ‘Record Box’, a song which embodies the versatile movement between a British vocal and an old school Americana hip-hop beat. Skatta’s shown his growth and progression within his music by steering away from the glitz and the glamour, and Record Box is no different – an entirely music-centric track, in both lyrical content and visuals. The simplicity of himself in a room presenting all of his favourite records, one after the other behind an old school camera is nothing short of stylistic. Skatta’s versatility of mixing beats and styles with his origins of British Rap alongside other cultural influences epitomises the overall sound that Record Box is delivering.

“I respect DJs that keep playing my songs”, a lyric that hits deeply when you think about the fact that he is still a musician that is in the process of making it to the top, with a select few that continue to make that happen for him. It becomes transparent within this track that revolving his craft around the art of music is the main drive here and not for the clout with an “im-the best-rapper-alive” sort of attitude. His talent at delivering outstanding lyrical diction and rhyming patterns alongside nitty-gritty visuals and a humble simplicity holding a valuable spot for him as a hip hop and grime artist. Skatta has in the past proven that he can do both, that he can rap and deliver on a hard beat, whilst softening the blow on a chilled-out, Brooklyn inspired, old school beat, telling us so much about his early influences.

Record Box is a song that could relate to anyone who is music-centric and is still trying to build their life into a distinctive musical format by utilising the influences they have picked up along the way. Record Box is progressive and clean in itself while Skatta reveals the direction of his music as an artist in this track. Record Box embodies the quality and the origins of the music, not the quantity of money and followers.