ThisisDA- Control, Shift (prod. Jakuta)

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

ThisisDA- Control, Shift (prod. Jakuta)

After gaining the support of Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart and even sharing a stage with hip hop legend Grandmaster Flash it’s certainly been a busy couple of years for rising mc and producer ThisisDA. This time he’s back with support from producer Jakuta for new single Control, Shift. Opening with a warm vinyl crackle the track has a real analogue vibe complete with jazzy, acoustic samples demonstrating Thisis’ trademark genre blurring.

Lyrically ThisisDA takes an introspective turn giving an emotional delivery layered up with a range of soulful backing vocals from the track’s other guests, Fenne Lily and Gaidaa, to merge seamlessly into the production.

The track also notably features Luke Eira, a busker discovered by the rapper, providing the clarinet samples further building up the musical layers as well as the stories behind it. With such an approach to making music it will be interesting to see where ThisisDA heads next.