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Review: Talib Kweli- She’s My Hero (Prod. Oh No)

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Check out our review on Talib Kweli’s “She’s My Hero” track produced by Oh No

Talib Kweli is well known for not holding back and using music as a way of bringing pressing and untold issues to the fore. Going hand in hand with the tradition, the rapper’s latest release She’s My Hero is no exception to that.

The song is dedicated to Bresha Meadows, who became the subject of a legal campaign after allegedly killing her abusive father in self-defence. The track paints a vivid picture of the teenager’s story with Talib rapping over a slow, soulful beat as he delves into the thoughts and issues Bresha must have gone through and the court room struggle afterwards.

Kweli also uses the opportunity to expand on wider social questions reflecting on the effects of a negative environment on children: “Exposure to violence increases the amount of violence you’re open too”, “they funnel us from schools to the prisons”. Check out the rapper delivering this powerful story telling and a call for social justice below.

You can find more details and updates on the Bresha Meadows case here. and keep and eye out for Talib Kweli’s next album Radio Silence expected to drop soon.