Alphaeus Koroma Mr J

Sierra Leone’s Alphaeus Koroma Mr J drops new album ‘Awujor Sound From Salone’

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Combining Afrobeats with immaculate vibes and an overall danceable atmosphere, Alphaeus Koroma Mr J releases his latest album, ‘Awujor Sound From Salone’. Hailing from Freetown, Sierra Leone the album took Alphaeus a year to produce, and he made sure he didn’t miss any of the steps to ensure success, whilst whilst also making sure it sounded authentic, and displaying his true emotions.
Aiming to reach a global audience the good vibes that can be heard on the album means this won’t be difficult. His manager and main producer were often involved in the process, making sure that the tracks always had maximum potential. The ‘Party Anthem’ video was the inspiration of Alphaeus Koroma Mr J’s manager, who believed a dance video was what everyone needed.
Alphaeus Koroma, who goes by the stage name Mr. J, was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Whilst at school he wrote his early songs and released his first single in 2017 which he titled ‘BLACK MAN BAD’. A few months later, he released another banger titled ‘ISHA’, an inspirational love song which was produced by DON CREEK. Ever since he has been releasing tracks and working with different producers such as ADKISY, and has released this album under the record label GENIUS MUSIC which has just signed him.
Listen to the album here  and stream via Spotify below!