shumba maasai

Shumba Maasai releases new single ‘Composure’

In Hip Hop by Camille Addis Alem

Following his last collaboration ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’ with south London jazz collective Steam Down, Zimbabwean-born and London-based artist Shumba Maasai returns with brand new single ‘Composure’.

Born in Harare (Zimbabwe), Shumba Maasai has played an important role in the creation of the music collective Ancestral Futures, whose aim is to re-connect and celebrate the African diaspora through different arts. He is also the founder of the creative collective Plus TRBE Recordings.  

Produced by Hermes, this track is long-awaited by the public. Indeed, back in March, Shumba Maasai had already performed it live on Boiler Room and had created a stir.  The complexity of his diaspora identity is present in everything Shumba touches and ‘Composure’ is no exception. While rapping his taunting flow swings between English and Shona language. Electronic infused, the beat mixes grime with elements of trap and ancestral rhythms. 

Speaking about it, he said: The tune is inspired by the ancient Chinese proverb “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in war.” This for me means always staying calm and composed in face of war or adversity”.

Having already received recognition from Reprezent Radio, BBC Radio 1Xtra and 6Music, he is definitely worth keeping an eye on! LISTEN UP!