Shady Records celebrates 15 years

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Shady Records celebrates 15 years

On 24th November, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Shady Records (Eminem’s own label) Eminem and some of the label’s artists are due to release a new album called ‘Shady XV’ that will include all the biggest hits of the label.

Eminem posted a teaser video on his social networks called ‘SHADYXV Quinceañera Episode 1 – “Birthday Clown”‘. For those unfamiliar, a “Quinceañera” is an elaborate party celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday in Latin culture.

Later, Eminem has also release a teaser for SHADY CXVPHER (cypher). 


Anyway, the fact that Shady Records is 15 shows one thing: Eminem, in adding of being one of the most successful rapper in the world is also a good label manager. Combining both should not be easy, but he made it so congratulation to him and to Shady Records!