Seven Davis Jr – Try Me (I’ll Funk You) + Mono/Poly remix

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Seven Davis Jr – Try Me (I’ll Funk You) + Mono/Poly remix

Whichever way you twist it funk is back in a big way – or did it ever leave? However you explain a whole new generation grooving to George Clinton and Nile Rodgers, it’s a debate for another time; all you need to know about the state of the genre right now is that Seven Davis Jr has unveiled a new supernova in its spangled galaxy, and it truly is fire itself.

Try Me (I’ll Funk You) + Mono/Poly remix

A whacked-out slice of bitcrushed funk which promises, amongst other things, to “funk you left”, “funk you right”, “funk you out to sea” and even “funk you off this planet” – you get the gist of it. And by and large Ninja Tune’s enigmatic American producer, singer and songwriter nails it with an explosive track tailor-made for the rave.

It’s paired with the piano-led Mono/Poly remix which reworks the commanding vocals into a dreamy throwback to the night before, looking back on the track which threw its body against yours and lighting the way for it to come back for round two. Expect this single to loop and loop, through your speakers and your mind.

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