Review: Seba drops Nichoho/Sienna + Jungle Music/Cloudless

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Review: Seba drops Nichoho/Sienna + Jungle Music/Cloudless

October 2015 may go down as the Month of Seba, because it will see two singles drop from the legendary Swedish producer, and they are both, predictably, excellent. Spread across two labels, the sounds move in different directions, with his Warm Communications release scraping the stratosphere while the forthcoming single on his own label, Secret Operations, stays a bit deeper.

Nichoho/Sienna (Warm Comms 037)

Swaddled in heavenly pads, ‘Nichoho’ is uplifting in a trance-like way and is far from the fist-pumping d&b anthems which are usually described using that word. The track feels like your soul is shooting through white clouds towards orbit, orchestrated by sensual female vocals. On the flip, ‘Sienna’ is a little more propulsive, and with its drums buried deeper in the mix is even more of a bass-frequency bear hug, which is just as warm and comfortable as you’d hope, with crystalline synth stabs borrowed from a different genre entirely.

Jungle Music/Cloudless (Secops 024)

Things get grittier on Seba’s forthcoming Secret Operations release (out at the end of the month), with amen breaks duly twisted on ‘Jungle Music’, which still pushes a cushion of bassweight through the speaker to keep things from getting in any way spiky. Subtle touches provide shades of atmosphere, which explode on the powerful and hauntingly emotional ‘Cloudless’, the best of the Swede’s four October tracks; it has the warmth and soul-soothing ability of the Warm Comms single but with an added punch that makes all the difference.

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