Scorzayzee raises over £7500 in kickstarter campaign!

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Scorzayzee raises over £7500 in kickstarter campaign!

Three die-hard hip-hop fans have set up a kickstarter campaign for the album missing from every UK hip-hop head’s collection: Scorzayzee’s debut release!! Being hailed as one of the country’s best, and most elusive lyricists, a campaign has been started to help fund the Nottingham rapper’s studio time and production for what Mistajam refers to as the UK hip-hop album fans never had.

The MC, known for classics such as ‘Heroes Die’, ‘Great Britain’ and ‘Creps’ to name just three, is said to be very excited at the prospect, writing new rhymes constantly for the potential release. Although he is described by those in the know as one of the greatest MCs the UK has ever produced, he never reached the fame and respect he deserves due to his lack of official releases and personal issues.

Few people are actually aware of him, despite his intelligent lyrics and solid flow. Fans are hoping that the £8000 target will be reached before 6th October, with over £7500 already raised!!!

Get involved in the Kickstarter project here and watch the video below!