Sampa The Great

EP: Sampa The Great – HERoes Act 2 feat. Estelle

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

New music video from Sampa The Great featuring Estelle

Zambian born Sampa The Great is great. “You’re great, we’re all great!”

Naturally talented poet and singer-songwriter, Sampa The Great released her soulful, politically motivated debut mixtape. That happened at the end of 2015 and it ascended her to the top of my Spotify listening chart.

Based in Sydney she’s been sharing her sultry R&B sound round the globe no doubt. But this year she has a treat for any Hip Hop lover. HERoes Act is an EP with all three tracks featuring one of the pioneering UK artists – Estelle.

This EP has beautifully crafted soundscapes that give the perfect medium for Sampa’s powerful poetry and well timed use of Estelle’s gorgeous singing voice.

Estelle and Sampa share similar stories, talented female MCs, able to float between soulfully sung hooks and grounded raps strung to their harsh reality but bounded through unarguable strength.

Stream below via Spotify