Sabre – ‘Yoga’ (Alix Perez remixes)

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Sabre – ‘Yoga’ (Alix Perez remixes)

Last year Australian label Plasma Audio put out a heavy slice of half-time from Sabre – dark, oppressive and outrageously cool, ‘Yoga’ was a real statement of intent. And now it’s been given a new lease of life by notorious boundary-pusher Alix Perez, who has served up two chunky remixes of the track on PLASMA008. Check them out here, and scroll down to hear the original. For more from the label, they put out a stormer from Fre4knc earlier this year…

‘Yoga’ – Alix Perez remixes

The stylish Belgian takes the pitch-black swagger of Sabre’s brooding ‘Yoga’ – which dropped on the same label last year, casting long shadows as it landed – and drags it two ways. A-side is the ‘Alix Perez Club Mix’ which kicks with more hiss and snap, a plunging bassline fizzing like lasers through the density of the original, but keeping its skyscraper walls intact, as well as one of its key melodies.

As it progresses it gets wonkier, the bass modulation droning through your skull and nudging your eyes out of focus, doubtless in preparation for C – ‘Alix Perez Warped Mix’. Charred drums and an even wider bass rasp to make the track live up to its billing, the drunken hi-hat shuffle carried over and adding to the off-balance vibe. It’s big, bold and brilliant from Alix Perez.

 ‘Yoga’ – original mix

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