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Premier: Roach Killa – Go Down Low

In Reggae & Dancehall by Rianne Cole

New Roach Killa single

Even though he’s not Jamaican, Roach Killa has definitely smashed his own take on dancehall reggae.

The Libya born, Toronto raised Roach Killa fell in love with reggae culture at a young age and became a star within his own community. He teamed up with British born producer DJ Surinder Rattan to create a dancehall/party anthem. ‘Go Down Low’ is giving us the ultimate feeling of carnival vibes. It has a great beat, with catchy lyrics, people that may not necessarily like dancehall will enjoy this song as its unique.

Even though you may be new to his name, the rapper’s first two Bollywood singles. He achieved #1 in India’s iTunes charts and clocked up over 90 million YouTube hits combined. He has also collaborated with dancehall icon Spragga Benz.

“Go Down Low is an infectious beat that demands you to dance. It’s a sound I think everyone from the Asian, urban and club scenes will love” Roach Killa