Sponsored Video: Rise & Slide in London Kings X | Lipton Ice Tea | #BeADaybreaker

In Other by Nick Russell

Sponsored Video: Rise & Slide in London Kings X | Lipton Ice Tea | #BeADaybreaker

London is undoubtedly the most exciting place to be in the world right now. OK so we may be biased but the fact remains! This is definitely not a recentl phenomenon either! The eighteenth century poet Samuel Johnson famously declared this back in 1777 “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

And how right he was! What with the history, art, (free) museums and galleries, shopping, parks and wild life and a world class music and theatre scene, the UK’s capital is definitely a place you can roam for days on end and never run out of things to do!

The only down side to the city is that everyone else is here doing the same! That can mean the Big Smoke is jam packed more time than not and especially in the summer we can all get a bit hot and sticky! Just this week, temperatures have soared into the 30s, which for anywhere this far from the equator is pretty sweltering!

So what better way of chilling out from that than say a 100 meter water slide, transported all the way down to King’s Boulevard in Kings Cross – the centre of the city of London?!

That’s exactly what Lipton Ice Tea did for a series of early morning events, complete with their team of ‘day breakers’ plus a good dose of super soaker water guns, costumes and of free ice tea!

Check this video out below and see the action for yourself! Don’t forget to hit like for Lipton on Facebook and Twitter!