Video: Missy Elliott – I’m Better (Feat. Lamb)

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Video: Missy Elliott – I’m Better (Feat. Lamb)

Missy Elliott has been out of the spotlight for a while. Despite dropping three singles in as many years, her last album, The Cookbook, came out in 2005. Since then, Elliott has been dealing with complications of Graves’ disease. However, her symptoms have improved and she appears to be charting a serious return back to the industry 

So it’s more than appropriate that Elliott’s new single is called “I’m Better.” It opens slowly, using glitchy synths with Lamb rapping in a spoken-word fashion. “I’mma start it from the bottom. I’ll show you how to flip a dollar”, speaking positively of friendship and starting over. Then, Missy Elliott pops in and asserts herself as the song continues its mysterious path. “You need a chick like me to make you wanna leave them other broads.”

It’s here we realize Elliott isn’t just saying her health has improved. She also considers herself to be superior to any romantic competition, likening herself to Andre 3000, Kanye West and Bruce Lee. For a younger audience who might not know of Elliott, this song serves a powerful introductory statement. For those who were already fans, it might not be a smash hit banger but it’s an intriguing way to say, “I’m back.”