Review: Young Roddy – Hood Gospel Mixtape

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Young Roddy, the Louisiana rapper, has just released his first tape of 2017 and it’s VITAL for your summer driving playlist.

Hood Gospel is a relaxing dose of old school soul and disco sampling on modern g-star rap. From the top; every bar wakes your visual mind with a social broadcast of the current state of his ends.

New Kickz is my jewel out of the tape. It deals with struggles of being the lowest in society and describing those niceties we deserve after hard work. Love to “the 9 to 5 workers flipping burgers”, he says. 

The 1st 1st Flows takes a late disco sample to give a surpassing original sound. It’s just real hip hop the way they traditionally used that 80s stuff they all grew up on.

John Gotti is a dope track that talks you through society in the southside, as if you were listening on top of a roof during sunset though.

The tape continues with hymn like hooks, simple mantras, and methods in melody about the life of ‘getting yours’. The gospel with summer sunset ambience in the light trap beats just is stoner trap.

You’ll hear life lessons like “punch the clock no days off” and “Keep it real with them n*ggas that keep it real with you”.

Then the greasy bass in the penultimate tune, ILL carries you along for a ride. It really is “that ill shit you bump in the whip”.

If you really love your gansta-past you left behind, or the money you acquire now, this album titled track is just the ode to typical tales from a Louisiana hood. And every statement to them is gospel. 

The artwork is the best thing about this mixtape, deep that. Even though it’s got bangers from start to finish topically the tape doesn’t really change. Yeah it’s social commentary is stirring but doesn’t make his hometown any different from anywhere else in the States. Well worth a listen if you’re just chilling.

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