Review: Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone (lyric video)

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Review: Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone (lyric video)

To some Yelawolf’s career resembles a Theme Park ride; his rise into the lime light for being the South’s answer to Eminem with his rapid flow, creative word play and broad subject matter made him a fan favorite that landed him a spot on the acclaimed XXL Freshman List of 2011.

2011 seemed to the Year of the Wolf, in which the Alabama native signed a record deal with Shady Records as the New Year rolled in, joining forces with Slaughterhouse, 50 Cent (at the time) and D-12. Since then, Slick Rick E. Bobby dropped his long overdue debut album ‘Radioactive’ which was met with a variety of feedback; “It’s good but it’s not Trunk Muzik” was a comment I heard amongst the blogs and YouTube comments.

Rumors and speculation flooded the Net that Yelawolf was frustrated with Shady and their lack of enthusiasm to drop his material. Yet Yela continued to please fans and critics alike with a number of solo mixtapes (Trunk Muzik Returns) and collaborative efforts (Psycho White with Travis Barker, Black Fall with DJ Paul) to feed the underground Hip-Hop scene.

Over the course of 2014, Yelawolf has started to creep back into the limelight in preparation for his second studio album ‘Love Story’, we have been teased with the commercial attempt ‘Honey Brown’ and the fan favourite ‘Box Chevy V’, but here comes the first single ‘Till It’s Gone’…

‘Till It’s Gone’ reminds me as to why I found Yelawolf’s music so appealing in the first place. His use of words and capability to switch from a jagged edge flow to a harmony you’d even catch your Pop Star loving girlfriend humming along to. The country sounding instrumental (produced by WLPWR) shows Yelawolf aims to stay true to his country roots, something we can expect to reflect within the album. My one personal bone to pick with ‘Till It’s Gone’ is I still don’t feel we have witnessed Yelawolf jump into ‘Trunk Muzik’ mode (on a solo effort) since his Shady 2.0 reign began.

This is something I hope to see as we near the release of ‘Love Story’ (not to forget the ‘Shady XV’ album due next month!). Yelawolf is a breath of fresh-air within Hip-Hop and just what lifelong fans of Shady Records have been waiting for. His image as an artist is to be admired, in which the new single reflects that picture.