Review: TrueMendous – P.S. This Is Your Aunty Calling

In Hip Hop by Liu Scott

Listening to TrueMendous, the first thing you  will notice is she’s one of the most gifted complex lyricist in the game right now. Packing in the punchlines and wordplay, she’ll have you rewind the song to see how she bends the English language to her will. An experienced artist, this is her sixth project released, produced exclusively by UK producer K-minor.

While just five tracks deep, TrueMendous’ entertainment value leaves a lasting impression by the end. It’s also a nice change of pace to hear a female rapper and female producer collaborate on a project together.

On the song ‘Missterialistic’ True shows her storytelling skills with dense lyrical stanzas that hardcore hip hop fans love. ‘Perfekt Gyrlfren’ has a beautiful instrumental that TrueMendous glides effortlessly over. While telling a story that means a lot to her she still adds drops of humour that make her and her punchlines stand out.

‘A Couple Interlude’ is a beautiful standout. K-Minor did a fantastic job with this instrumental, bringing sound effects of the rain drops falling on the window, while the energy of the smooth yet eerie beat plays giving the record a sense of dread and panic. TrueMendous puts her heart and soul into this song. From her lyrical performance mixed with her storytelling about a break up.

But on the final track “You Don’t Know” this is when TrueMendous and K-Minor have perfect chemistry. The instrumental is perfect for True. Lively, energetic with personality. Giving space for the emcee to rip the track apart. So many quotes from the first verse alone. The best song on the project.

Both women more than proved they are ones to watch for the future. K-Minor delivered solid instrumentals that many UK rappers would of loved to use. The beats were consistent and diverse to give the EP more musical depth.

TrueMendous is not like many emcees in the scene. Especially in the mainstream but that’s what makes her such an exciting talent. Bar for bar she’s dangerous and with her song writing improving she could have an amazing end to 2019, and an even better 2020.

Stream the album via Spotify or check out more of Truemendous via here website.

Thanks to our friends at Finesse Foreva for the write up.