Review: Tricky releases new album ‘Adrian Thaw’

In Other by Nick Russell

Review: Tricky releases new album ‘Adrian Thaw’

Celebrated trip hop producer Tricky eleventh album, released Sept 8 allows us to step beyond his stage name and dive deep into the technically self-titled record, which was produced in his home studio in London.

Titled after his given name ‘Adrian Thaw’, Tricky is usually known for his trip hop musical aptitude, and has coolly stepped out of his comfort zone once again. Producing a contemporary album comprising of thirteen tracks, the album sees us stop dead in our tracks in a state of the unknown. In a bid to break free from his stereotypical musical allegiance, Tricky has provided us with some highly commendable tracks.

Along with hip-hop inspired tracks such as ‘Why Don’t You’ and ‘Gangster Chronicle’ we see Tricky virtually flip the album on it’s head as it abruptly differs in genre throughout the greatness that is his latest album. His first single ‘Nicotine Love’ released back in June was merely a snippet of what was about to come; comprising of a down-tempo, catchy electro beat. With the likes of Francessca Belmonte, Nneka, and Mykki Blanco complementing his innovative material, this brand new release is definitely worth a listen.