Review: Tigger Da Author – Evilution

In Hip Hop by El Cynico URM

As the newly minted artist on UK pioneer Sway DaSafo’s imprint, Tigger Da Author has some big boots to lace up, but that he does in the new Evilution release. Defined as the process in which an organism is undergoing the full change to become “evil”, it draws you in from the get go and takes you on a lyrical adventure. We first got an impression of his style on the song ‘Still Sway and Kane’ and his own track P.O.W.E.R. which has quietly amassed over 125,000 views and gaining him a loyal following in the process.



He also has proved himself a formidable performer in his short tenure as an artist/songwriter/singer/rapper. Not many can say that they are comfortable in performing their own material, let alone sharing a showcase with industry heavyweights. However, only time will tell where this musician goes and what he does with his new musical endevours.



By showing that he can shine with the best artists out, remain humble with cosigns from the likes of Zane Lowe, Sway himself and many more taste makers, we can only hope to see more musical art from the likes of Tigger Da Author, and watch and listen we shall!





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