Thomas B - Sugar and Spice

Review: Thomas B – Sugar and Spice EP

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Review: Thomas B – Sugar and Spice EP

Moving on from his jungle-pushing moniker of 13 years of ‘Tommy Tarzan’, American producer Thomas B is now happily camped in the outer regions of drum & bass at Quentin Hiatus’ US-based label Free Love Digi. The imprint champions lesser-known artists with free-thinking approaches to the genre, and the forthcoming ‘Sugar and Spice’ EP, comprising of two spaced-out half-time tracks, will be their third Thomas B release.

‘Sugar and Spice’ EP

A shuffling beat with plenty of hi-hat movement gives ‘Poblano’ a deep groove which is anchored by undulating bass swells, while an airy lead line keeps the spectrum wide. Fleeting, chopped breaks are the only explicit reference to drum & bass, and an extended sample critiquing the music which gets radio plays seems completely fitting.

There is more of the same on ‘Nectar’, with space instead of hats in a more driving groove which takes things deeper and more minimal.

The ‘Sugar and Spice’ EP is out on March 23 on Free Love Digi – for now, listen below.

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