Review: The Erised – Desire EP

In Other by Joe Ponting

Review: The Erised – Desire EP

With latest signing the Erised they have taken a giant leap into the unknown, or at least the unpredictable. Hailing from Ukraine, the Erised are a six-piece band whose soulful textures couldn’t be further from drum & bass – yet their ‘Desire’ EP could just be the biggest release of the year for the label.

With the captivating Sofia Sukorukove on vocal duties, the band, which includes Med School favourites Detail and Hidden Element, deliver four carefully-considered and impeccably-executed cuts of electronic downtempo. ‘Pray’ marries delicate piano with thunderous bass and irresistible groove, while ‘A Way To Forget You’ evokes the poise of Submotion Orchestra before opening out into a show-stoppingly cinematic outro. It’s here you realise that this is one for the surround sound. The space in ‘The Keys Are In My Hands’ is perfectly judged, buzzing with hypnotic synths, and aptly-titled closing track ‘It’s Over’ eases things to a gently epic conclusion.

With its rock-solid foundations the EP is a subtly new take on blissed-out electronica, and is positively revolutionary for Med School and its fans. Jump on the Erised now, because it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Check out the full EP below and purchase via iTunes.