Review: The Coup, Caxton Press & Logic @ Goldsmiths Uni 29/10

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

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Last night Goldsmiths University, London opened its sturdy Student Union doors to a stunning collective of underground hip hop heavyweights! UK hip hop vet DJ Snuff warmed up the crowd by providing the intro and interval beats and proved he’s a really dope mixer with sick selection of records!

The MC for this gig event was South London’s Logic who freestyles as if it’s like breathing for him! Anticipation building, the first performer was Kev Choice – a rare kind of emcee who effortlessly combines hardcore hip hop with classical piano, almost like the male version of Alicia Keys. I thankfully had the honour of meeting him backstage, such a cool down to earth guy!

Surprise special guest was Shabazz The Disciple, which the audience were under the impression would only grace the stage but he actually performed a song that went down an absolute storm! Then immediately without warning UKHH supergroup Caxton Press exploded on the scene… luckily beforehand I had watched their last rehearsal sound check behind the scenes and was very impressed. Overall their delivery and hard-hitting yet memorable lyrics were a real force to be reckoned with!


Afterwards one of the head organisers/spokesman for “Love Music Hate Racism” delivered a brilliantly strong yet heartfelt speech; discussing about the tragic deaths of Stephen Lawrence and two other young men three miles from the venue. He also mentioned about past volatile incidents, which then led to optimistic outcomes and positive achievement. Furthermore what’s currently happening in the US & Europe concerning vicious xenophobia, prejudice and discrimination.

Finally the crowd erupted when the infamous “funky punk rap” troupe The Coup enter upon the stage! Boots Riley performed as if it was his last ever show, he’s like a whirlwind tornado being very charismatic and energetic- not forgetting his voice is so powerful! I had the privilege of interviewing him, where he even asked me questions and recommendations – what a gentleman! The group as a whole are talented musicians who when rallied together make awesome noise…a truly unforgettable night for such a worthy cause!

Look out for the interview with Boots Riley, coming very soon!