Review: Surreal Knowledge – The Tri-Spectrum Argument Phenomenon

In Hip Hop by Suave Debonair


Words: Suave Debonair

So if I said to you that this album from northern UK trio Surreal Knowledge took maybe 6 plus years to put together and finally throw out you might think that it’s a little extreme. But the clue here is in the title. See I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out and collaborating with all of the people involved in the Tri-spectrum Argument Phenomenon and know that these fellas can go from making some of the rawest music to come out of a bedroom studio to hating on each other harder than Chris Brown hates on Frank Ocean.

But as history has taught us some of the best music comes from bands that don’t always get on and SK are one of those groups. Let’s take a little look at the features here. Stig of the Dump, Dr Syntax and Tactical Thinking’s Mic Dyson and Deadline all chip in and any fan of UK Hip Hop knows that’s heavy. Not to mention the whole thing is produced by beat maker of the moment Pete Cannon, aka Mr Dick if you didn’t know – he can spit too!! So this really has all the ingredients to be a classic album and guess what? It is. The album made up of 17 tracks is free! So there is absolutely no reason for you not to go to and download it right now, or stream below. You will not be disappointed I assure you!

Rappers – Derogatory – Jay Madden – Mr Dick

Produced by – Pete Cannon