Review: Supa Bwe – Mausoleum EP

In Hip Hop by Alasdair Kennedy

Review: Supa Bwe – Mausoleum EP

This gloomy, spacey project from up-and-coming Chicago rapper and producer Supa Bwe dropped on Valentines Day, but don’t expect much romanticism from it.

The lyrics are pretty bleak and cover topics such as misanthropy, death and self-medication through drugs. Supa Bwe reinforces this vibe by soaking his voice in melancholy auto-tune and layering it to create a disorientating, druggy feel.

The style shares similarities with Yung Lean, only Supa Bwe has a much more diverse tone to his voice, practically yelling on the track ‘Dead Lift’ and then bringing his voice down to a dejected groan on tracks like ‘Judas’. His beats are also a lot more progressive, often evolving throughout the course of a single song.

Anyone looking for something a little left-field should definitely check out this EP. It’s pretty depressive but this is arguably what makes it so fresh and exciting. Self-deprecation is rare in hip hop, especially taken to this extreme level. The hooks definitely could be catchier. Were Supa Bwe to work on this he could really make a name for himself.


Stream the project below: