Review: Sounds of the Samurai Volume 1

In Other by Nick Russell

Review: Sounds of the Samurai Volume 1

Showcasing their latest nod to the multiple musical genres across London, SOTS Volume 1 is purely dedicated to giving us a mere taster of the creativity, style, and flare of what’s to come from The Sound. With a secured residency at one of London’s coolest hangouts Birthdays in Dalston, and support from radio stations such as Mode FM, Flex FM and BM records, it’s no wonder SOTS is set to redefine the expectations of the UK music scene.

Sound’s co-founder Ash Walker kick starts the compilation as he shares an instrumental track, laced with dubby trip-hop vibes that sets the mood perfectly. The listener is in for a real insight into the excitement of the unknown, as the mysteriousness ploughs it’s way through the track list.

With soulful instrumentals from co-founder Teeza, jazzy accolades from Matt Kirk, sharp rhymes from the emcee Rhys Charles (aka Gamer) and the frequencies created by the mastermind that is Dot Rotten, to mention a few. Nostalgic, smart and contemporary, Sounds is a real journey, making its first stop at the versatility of the UK’s musical landscape.