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Review: Soul Mechanics – Explorations With Master Wolf [EP]

In Hip Hop by Chris White

Talented Australian MC and freestyler Master Wolf has teamed up with funk and soul trio Soul Mechanics to create the feel good EP ‘Explorations With Master Wolf’ which was released last week. Master Wolf has been making a name for himself recently through his freestyle and social commentary, and the track ‘No Hate’ is a prime example of this as he rips the negative side of social media which leads to fake people chasing fame.

This collaboration suits his style perfectly as his outstanding flow appears effortless over Soul Mechanics funky instrumentals. He seems to feed off the energy of the music creating something truly unique and powerful.

Discussing how Soul Mechanics linked up with Master Wolf, bassist Brian L’Huillier said “I first heard Master Wolf freestyling on a radio program late one night and was blown away by his skill. I thought that what he was doing would really compliment what we were doing. I literally tracked down his number the next day and called him to see if he wanted to collaborate with us.”