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Review: Skatta & Y-etizm shot bars and beats on ‘Flavourz’ EP

In Grime by Cammy Thomas

We all like a short sharp burst of tasty flavours don’t we? Think the fun size haribos that seem to be under everyone’s tree at Christmas, or the fun sized love heart sweets and Skittles buried under a load of lollipops in the kids selection bag. That is exactly what we get with ‘Flavourz’ EP, by Coventry MC Skatta and London based producer Y-ETIzm.  A six track EP  with easy to digest mini bars and beats.

It’s a refreshing concept in a genre leaning towards full length, deeply texturized albums. But don’t get it twisted, the bite sized bars in length does not take away from the quality of Skatta’s bars or the technique heard on Y-ETIzm’s production. In fact nibbling on popcorn chicken sized pure grime riddims more than fills the appetite by the time we reach the last track, because the levels are so high… and if you’re still peckish and want more go in for another portion, reload and go again!

Skatta rides the bubbly and hyper riddim on the track ‘Style and Trend’, sprays comfortably on the shanghai sounding ‘Room full of Greats’ and slows his flow for the shadowy, sci-fi sonic ‘Choppers in the sky’. On that track Skatta warns “I got more moves to pull I aint dumb, f*ck Theresa May, f*ck Trump, I got more shit to say I ain’t done”

Skatta rips up the riddim, puts it back together and shells it to shreds on the tense and heady ‘Selfies’ which showcases Skatta’s abilities at their most complex as he delivers his wordplay as though his tongue had morphed into a coiled spring, as his 16 bar spins us into next year.

Flavourz intro and outro come with such a bang that they deserve to be thought of as separate tracks in and of themselves as the intro is infused with horns and rapid snares as Skatta announces with certainty “I got the flavour, I got the style, I’ve got the sauce, the flavour is wild.”

It’s such a strong intro, guaranteed to draw you in and keep you locked to hear what’s coming next from Skatta and Y-ETIzm. The outro sounds like the riddler is playing a cruel joke on you as a harmonica darts around the track, as Skatta gives us a nod with the “I’m so blunt, yeah blatantly…” lyric!

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