Review: Sean Price live at The Garage, London 3 March 2013

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell


Review by James Cunningham

Photos by Nick Blatantly Blunt

The best review I’ve ever heard of Sean Price’s phenomenal 2012 album ‘Mic Tyson’ came from a rapper who I used to know back in the States who simply said listening to it made him want to slap somebody. So when it came time to see Sean Price at Highbury’s Garage last Sunday night, lets just say I already powdered up my palms.

With his physically imposing build and a thick beard that would make Rick Ross run back to the his correctional uniform, the veteran rapper known for solo work as well as such hip hop groups as Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe did not shy away from keeping his set dirty and rugged to say the least.

Taking the stage around 10 PM, he immediately launched into heavy hitting bangers from his new album such as ‘Bar-Barian’, ‘BBQ Sauce’ and ‘Pyrex’ to an eagerly awaiting crowd who seemed more than familiar with the new material.

Although mainly focusing on material from ‘Mic Tyson’ for obvious reasons, It was great to see Price shout out his long time fans with material from Random Axe such as ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Chewbacca’ as well as solo classics like ‘Peep My Words’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Psycho Ward’. Mostly ripping through track after track, he occasionally took breaks to play with the audience who butchered a ‘call and response’ as well as to drop a lewd mini-freestyle over Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ that had the older woman to my left blushing.

Overall the set was kept pretty short with most of the songs condensed more than they could have been, but it was great to see one of hip hop’s legends, now 40 years old, able to hold down a stage more than a lot of guys half his age. Whether locked in a Superman pose or just pointing to his bicep, Sean Price always seemed to be hinting that he’s a big dude ready to back up the sex, drugs and violence he usually raps about. If banging basslines, heavy samples and a tingling in your slap hand is what your looking for, check out this legend doing what he does best.

Sean Prices latest album ‘Mic Tyson’ is out now on Duck Down Music.