Review: Sangy – Second Best EP

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Review: Sangy – Second Best EP

Sangy – It’s an exciting time for Manchester at the moment with the music steadily expanding its audience to all corners of the world, and it’s doing it in the most organic way possible. The music scene in Manchester feels like a closely knitted community of hungry musicians who are all about their artistry. It feels like if you’re lucky enough to peep what’s happening in the city, then you’re better off for it, but if you’re not onto what’s happening, then know one in Manchester will lose any sleep over it. It’s an incredibly vibrant place at the moment and it’s currently giving birth some of the best music in the UK.

One artist, who exemplifies Manchester’s vibrant scene in particular, is hip hop artist Sangy. With the release of his Second Best EP, Sangy represents everything that’s good with the music, that’s coming out of Manchester. His diversity and his originality in his approach to each track on the EP, is a testament to his ability as a rapper, and as an artist.

Sangy’s ability to create a scene and immerse the listener from a third person perspective, then switch up to a first person perspective is incredible, and is seamlessly done through out the EP.  You feel like a witness to the conflict going on in Sangy’s mind, and as a listener, you start to feel that you’re joining him on the journey he’s on. This is best heard in ‘ Second Best’, where Sangy speaks on chasing his dreams and the struggle that he goes through trying to accomplish his goals.

Through out the EP, the energy is diverse and switches from track to track. Because of the diversity in the music, the project as a whole still sounds fresh even after playing it through multiple times. The track ‘Why’ featuring Ruby-Ann Patterson is a calm, reflective piece of music that in the right mood will have you listening to it on loop. On the other side of the scale though, Sangy switches it up with ‘Scumbag’. An aggressive, gritty, guttered out piece of music, that will have your gun finger up in a rave and have your face screwing. It says a lot about Sangy as an artist that he still sounds so comfortable spitting even when the concept switches and the style’s changed.

The production on the EP is wicked and has real continuity through out the entire project. On a 130/140 Bass tip, Red Eye HiFi has created the perfect footings for Sangy to do his thing. It’s the link up between Sangy and Red Eye HiFi himself that makes this project so unique and original. It feels like the perfect combination of both producer and rapper, and is an example of how good a project can be when the rapper works closely with one producer, rather than a joint production team.

The best music paints a picture and takes the listener on a journey through the artist’s environment and mind state. Like Kano took us to East London, and Nas Took us to Queens, New York. It feels like Sangy has taken us on a short road trip around Manchester, and has given us an insight into what life is like in the city. The only negative thing I can say is that it’s a shame it was only a short trip.




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