Review: Rum Commitee – Commitee is still boss [ + Tea Leaves video]

In Hip Hop by Suave Debonair

Brighton hip hop crew Rum Committee have been steady killing it for some time now and right here we see them bringing the follow up to ‘Commitee is boss’ with ‘Comitee is still boss’, just in case you forgot. This bunch of Rum loving rhymers can be found either in the booth, in the pub or serving up some stinging punchlines on a Dont Flop battle stage.

All the MC’s bring fire on with some ill hooks provided by the Commitees own soul soldier Rag n Bone Man, who recently worked with Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks). Not to take away from any of the bars that get spat on this mixtape but the abundance of great hooks sets this apart from a lot of projects you’ll come across.

All the beats are tight and production is nice too. My advice, go get some of your favourite rum (I’d go with the Kraken) pour that ish over some ice sit back and listen to the Commitee.

Highlight for me is ‘Tea Leaves’ I’d raise a glass to that, and the following track ‘Eye Sores’ is on that straight knuckle head vibe. Peep the ‘Tea Leaves’ video below..