Review: Round up of dope songs we found online w/c Feb 1st

In Dancehall, Hip Hop, Other by Nick Russell

Here’s a round up of a few really stand out tracks we’ve heard this week, which range from hip hop, to reggae, to dubstep and R&B/soul! Expect a good range of songs, and if you want to be considered for this segment, submit your music to us here.

General Spade (feat. Charlie Bronze, Dismissedfit, Atlas & Peezy) – From the Abyss 

An authentic underground energy with a grimy edge to it. Reminiscent of the classic track The Anthem that dropped in 99, this one brings a range of emcees qualities through out!

Angel Reckley – Hello World

Bahamian singer Angel brings a real honest and heartfelt vibe to this track. Emotional and authentic voice, with some very frank and upfront lyrics! Chilled, ‘island vibe’ production on this which gives it even more character!

Kensee – Roots

The Austrian beat maker brings this laid back and cool track, which is supported with an interesting video.  Making trip hop in 2019 is  normally something which is hard to make sound original, but on this occasion, it has a really spaced out feel to it, with some nice drums to hold it together!

The Good People – When You’re Done feat. Sadat X and Napoleon Da Legend

A solid boom bap record with smooth production and a real NY vibe to it, which is a stark reminder of what people mean when they shout out “real hip hop”. It’s great to hear the legend Sadat X on top form too.


Jae Himself – DeLorean feat. Quincey White & Nkolo

Loving how Jae’s rap style fits the beat so well, which is complimented by nice delivery and dope all round energy. The hook works well and it has good nostalgic vibes too!


Militant Fyah  – Babylon Fall

A real authentic reggae tune from this Bahamas based artist, delivering a good message behind it. Great how the song connects up together, with that unmistakable island vibe to it.

Serius Jones – Get Out Ya Way

A refreshing dose of that lyrical reality rap from a battle rap veteran whose new video brings a self produced beat, and the signal of his forthcoming project ‘The Hardway’. A good message behind this track which is something we can all learn from once in a while!