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Review: Round up of dope songs found online w/c Feb 13

decks, DJ

Revenge of the Truence – As Above So Below 

A real dope hip hop hit, with nice production and a real boom bap feel to it, with hard hitting lyrics which fit really well with the beat too. The track has an authentic underground vibe with production by UK Producer Soul Agents Music.

Kumis – Satanic Verses

As the title might suggest, the song has a real melancholic and dark vibe, and it’s great how atmospheric the beat and vocals are, and to top it off, they work really well together, as the original soundscape matches with the demonic lyrics.

Chatterless – Wake Up Aurora

Solid instrumental and it’s great how the different elements of the song work together. The song’s got a good laid back feel to it and shows depth to the production.

Euphorik – Bout Time

This very personal track is delivered with passion and great lyrics backed up with a nice beat. It has a very honest and upfront rap style which others can benefit from.

Marius – Lucky (feat. G.L.A.M. & KWE$T)

Lucky, by Norwegian artist Marius has a feel good vibe to it, with an authentic hip hop sound and it’s good to hear how the production works so well with the soulful and upbeat vocals.

ARIA – On Me Tho

This track from US artist Aria is really dope! Delivered with tight flow patterns and cool production, which gives this song some good energy and head nodding feel to it. Mixed by Grammy Winning Mixer DJ Swivel.

Paulitical – PERMANENT

This is a real dope hip hop record, with nice flow patterns and good vibes throughout, and it sound great how Paulitical delivers his bars too. Dope shit!

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