Review: Raggo Zulu Rebel – Holy War

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Review: Raggo Zulu Rebel – Holy War

As soon as you grab hold of the vibes from the first track, you feel all the energy and power that the new album from London based Rastafarian hip hop artist Raggo Zulu Rebel has to offer. As it continued on I felt all the potential it held and eager to listen to more of it!

‘Holy War’ is not simply a title,  and this take more sense as you listen to the album, which was coincidentally (or not) released September 11 of this year.

As the album’s 21 tracks played through the beginning of each song captivated me. The lyrics, the themes, the instrumentals, the spirituality, the roots-like sounds. I can definitely say that Raggo Zulu Rebel transported me through several moods with punchy and really dynamic songs like ‘Where’, and deeper songs like ‘Highest Vibration’ (my favourite in the whole album).

Another thing that I noticed is the importance of the reggae culture in this album. The vibes, the voice and some instrumentals are really inspired by the cultural heritage of the artist, who is off Jamaican and Barbadian origin.  One of the most impressive elements of the album is the collision between hip hop music with all its spirit (lyrics), and dynamism (punchy instrumentals) and reggae music with the spirituality, the root and some theme too (religion for instance).

I would definitely recommend that you at least listen to ‘Where’, ‘Star of David’, ‘Highest Vibrations’ and ‘Paranoid’.

Check the Bandcamp player below to take a listen yourself!!