Review: PRhyme- PRhyme (Deluxe Version)

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Oure review on PRhyme

One year on from their eponymous album debut Royce Da 5’ 9” and DJ Premier return as heavyweight duo PRhyme to release a new deluxe edition. Whilst the original songs are all present the album is boosted to thirteen through the addition of four new tracks with collaborations from Joey Bada$$, Black Thought and MF DOOM amongst others.

First on the list of new tracks is Golden Era which sees DJ Premier offer uplifting synth and punchy snares for Joey Bada$$ to join Royce in bringing the vibes of hip hop’s past to the present day. “What goes around comes back around again” offers the intro which in many ways sums up the whole approach of PRhymes’ music, though it is refreshing to see new artists such as Joey Bada$$ continuing to embrace the styles of veterans such as Royce and Premo.


As the name suggests Wishin 2 is a remix of the first album’s Wishin with The Roots’ Black Thought this time in the guest spot. Black Thought makes the spot his own though and goes in hard on the second verse switching the pace up with rapid fire multisyllabic rhymes bar after bar. Both artists work their cadences with the beat well though as the psychedelic lead and drums switch pace between verses.
Highs and Lows sees the long awaited collaboration of MF Doom on a Premier beat along with a guest appearance form Phonte (of Little Brother). With such a roster on one track the lyrical content is as impressive as to be expected with some of the tightest flows so far, MF DOOM’s opening lines “Such absurd verbs, do not disturb blurbs, Slid to the curb, he’s not the first herb written on a mirror” spring to mind amongst others. With the MCs on typical form Premo gives a classically gritty East Coast piano and drum centric beat with a few scratched samples thrown in for good measure.

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The album’s impressive lyricism is only built on in the final track Mode 2. After a shorter appearance on the Southpaw soundtrack earlier this year Mode is released in full length with extra verses from both Royce Da 5’ 9” and Logic to create seven minutes of rapid flowing multisyllabic rhymes. On the production front the track features the typical heavy drums of a Premo track this time though coupled with a wonderfully retro synth loop.
The additional four tracks make the deluxe PRhyme worth a listen for both new listeners and fans of the original a like. The full album is available for streaming on Spotify and download on iTunes.