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Review: Parallax in focus mode on impressive debut LP ‘Auditory Vision’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Parallax, the East London based emcee first came through in 2014 with his debut release ‘Depth Perception’ EP. It featured the hits ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Hip Hop Philosophy’ which was well received by the global hip hop community, and laid the path for him to make some good headway over the next four years.

Earlier this year, the debut album was introduced, with ‘The Saga Continues‘ a straight up lyrical heater that was a promising taster of what was due to come. Then a couple of months later, the album was taken up a few notches with a very ambitious lead single. Round and Round, a cross continental collaboration with Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples), showed his ability to spar with some of the dopest to ever do it! The video was shot in both London and Los Angeles and took things to a whole different stratosphere.

The album, which is a generous 16 tracks deep dropped last week, and showcases Parallax’ deft skills both on the mic and with the pen, as he delivers tight flows with substantial lyrics and a solid delivery to back it all up.

Features on the album appear not only Rakaa, but also from C.A.M, Phoenix da Icefire and some serious production from DJ Nappa, Wickstarr and more, with Parallax on production for four of the tracks. Concepts wise, he covers a range of topics including the loss of his mother, observations on society and his approach to personal growth.

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