Review: OthaSoul- The Remedy

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Review: OthaSoul- The Remedy

“How can I rise above it if I’m always on the underground” ask OthaSoul on lead single The Sickness however in debut album The Remedy the Camden based group look to set new standards in UK underground hip hop.

Channelling nostalgia and golden age vibes OthaSoul attempt to live up to their name with their own brand of soul inspired hip hop. And indeed one of the main strengths of the album is its production. In putting together the album’s 14 tracks OthaSoul present a diverse soundscape. Employing a wide range of influences whilst still sticking to the central soul theme. These range dynamically from the electro synth vocals of Homeopathic Magic to the soulful jazz samples of The Sickness. OthaSoul have built a reputation on bringing a classic boom bap sound back to hip hop. And this trademark underpins every track with clean percussion throughout which proves simple but sweet.

Lyrically the group’s MCs and guest artists keep up the same artistic integrity employed in the album’s production with a large part of the album taking the form of social commentary and critique- the social sicknesses The Remedy seeks to address.

There is also an interesting merge of both rapped and sung sections on a lot of the tracks. With a number of guest artists featured who slot relatively seamlessly into the OthaSoul sound. In both their characteristic sound and blunt realism. OthaSoul appears to be reaching back into hip hop’s past whilst still presenting themselves as a fresh new force in the UK underground. For their refreshingly innovative new approach alone then The Remedy certainly makes for interesting listening.

The Remedy is available to stream on Spotify or Apple Music and can be downloaded from OthaSoul.bandcamp.com .

Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/othasoul
Instagram – instagram.com/othasoul