oscar worldpeace, ic3

Review: Oscar #Worldpeace – IC3 [ + #No White God’ video]

In Hip Hop by Chris White

With a no holding back, unflinching attitude North London rapper Oscar #Worldpeace is releasing what is easily the most relevant EP of the year so far ‘IC3’. The EP opens with the thought provoking ‘What’s It Like?’ in which young people answer the question ‘what’s it like to be black?’  which is in essence the question behind the EP as a whole.

‘No White God’ openly challenges the systematic racism that still exists within our society, specifically referencing Smiley Culture, who died in 2011 during a police raid on his home. The lines ‘hands up they’ll shoot’ and ‘being black is a responsibility’ reflect how the police react differently to a young black male than anyone else.

What is possibly most impressive about Oscar is that he produces his own beats, merging low key grime with unusual hip hop to create a sound that’s distinctive and suits his flow perfectly. This comes across in ‘Brave Face’ which tackles the dangers of road and day to day life with the line ‘boys in blue, we’re not safe in our homes’ emphasising the idea of living under a constant threat. The track features a powerful melody from Sharlene Klarice. The title of the EP ‘IC3’ is also the term the British Police use to identify a black male suspect. The final track in the EP ‘I SEE’ uses this code to challenge the racial profiling that is so damaging but yet clearly still commonplace within the police force.

With previous accolades from the likes of The Streets’ Mike Skinner who works closely with Oscar, it’s no surprise the young MC has put together such a dark and powerful EP. Speaking truth in a thoughtful and influential way, expect big things from Oscar #Worldpeace.

Buy / stream – https://www.smarturl.it/IC3