dimensions, NTG aka Nio Tha Gift

Review: Nio Tha Gift – Dimensions

In Hip Hop by Brian Knockin

If you’re looking for real dope Hip Hop look no further, as Richmond, CA rapper NTG aka Nio Tha Gift is here presenting gifts to the game. Dimensions is a high caliber album perfectly fitting for 2017. From the streets, to social topics, to just being a man, the real Nio Tha Gift comes in rare music form, and you can tell it’s all fact non fiction. Just put your headsets on or crank up the speakers and give us your feedback.

“Rising Son” might be one of the illest songs on the album but in reality all thirteens songs are bangers! Nio is truly ahead of his time in music and the song titles “Ahead Of My Time” proves this fact directly in the lyrics. He has songs like “Rose From The Concrete” and “King” just all around dope music. Dimensions is currently available on all outlets so go stream that and purchase it now!