Review: Newham Generals – N to the G’s

In Grime by Nick Russell

Review: Newham Generals – N to the G’s

The legendary Newham Generals have just dropped their highly anticipated new EP ‘N to the G’s’, featuring a host of big name producers and MCs.

The EP kicks off with their now infamous ‘Levels’; a Newham Gens re-imagining of My Nu Leng and Taki Nulight’s dance floor destroyer of the same name. D Double and Footsie MC solidly over this bass anthem, proving their versatility by both spitting over and starting with this non-grime instrumental.


The second track ‘Bang Boy’ returns us to familiar territory, a monster link up with Brakeman and Chronik over a filthy grime instrumental produced by grime/dubstep legend and ex-half of True Tiger: Sukh Knight.

The EP continues to the third track, ‘Murkin’ Yearly’, which has been on many grime fans’ radar for a while now. Nutty P’s dirty trap instrumental, classic Newham Gens vocal moments and an undeniable hook make this one a stand-out track on an EP that’s full of stand-outs.

The fourth is another that’s had previous air time, ‘Soundboy Killa’; an enormous link up with the ever-versatile Toddla T, that combines many classic grime elements, while still keeping it sounding fresh as a daisy. Drum patterns and bass hits reminiscent of the early dubstep/grime days are topped off with select samples from the legendary ‘Morgue’, while Newham Gens deliver as always over the top.

The final track, ‘Frontline 2015’, polishes off the classic/modern combination that runs through the EP. A rerun of their early days classic ‘Frontline’, the pair even enlisted previous member Monkstar for the collaboration to land the final sucker punch of a knock-out EP that is well worth the hype.

Purchase the EP via iTunes here.

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